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Parks & Facilities

Our Department manages several different resources and makes it easy for our community to access them. Our assets include:


When not being used by our events or programming, we offer our facilities as rentals to members of the public for private events.

Available spaces include:
  • Pavilion & Community Park
  • Community Center
To request reservations:
  1. Please check calendar for availability
  2. Fill out and submit our facility rental application to:

Reserving Fields

In order to adequately maintain the fields and avoid conflicts, or double booking, groups wanting to plan either a regular or one time special event need to complete a Facilities Use Form.

Groups not scheduled and approved for field use, risk the chance that they will have to leave if another activity had been scheduled and approved.

Groups are expected to monitor and direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic associated with their activity, and will be held responsible for any field damage caused by misuse.